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Although office pressure cleaning is just one of the many services that MaintainX provides to Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter and everywhere within a 200km radius, this week we had the privilege of high pressure cleaning the Newcastle Train Station in preparation for it’s redevelopment.

Last year we saw Revitalising Newcastle’s Michael Cassel say they were going to ‘breathe new life’ into ‘this valuable and much-loved city asset’, so naturally they called on the 30+ years professional experience MaintainX have had with graffiti removal, pressure cleaning, paint removal and line marking.

High Pressure Cleaning is Tricky Business

Pressure cleaning a historic building such as the Newcastle Train Station can be tricky, due to ensuring quality and keeping the integrity of the heritage qualities, so we needed to adjust the pressure in certain areas of the train stations.

High Pressure Cleaning Grime, Poo and everything in between!

Maintain X high pressure cleans residential and commercial buildings for many reasons, including removing dirt from bricks and concrete, grime and mold from business premises, cobwebs and bird poo from lights, driveways, fences, outdoor netball and basketball courts and schools – check out our gallery to see our before and afters as well as the many iconic Newcastle buildings we have been asked to high pressure clean.

What Else Does MaintainX Do?

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial service, we offer both. We specialise in graffiti removal, high pressure cleaning, house washing, paint removal, line marking and home makeovers. Our clients range from luxury homes to government housing, strata companies, property maintenance managers, engineering companies, government contracts, shopping centres, schools and retail outlets. We have accumulated over 30 years worth of clients with our knowledge of cleaning and removing particular hard to remove substances.

If it needs removing, chances are MaintainX has experience removing it.

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How to Prepare your Home’s Exterior for Summer

How to Prepare your Home’s Exterior for Summer


With the longer days, bright sunshine, and steaming hot afternoons luring the kids into the pool, it’s pretty clear that summer has finally arrived to Newcastle! And while you might be ready (and have been for a while!), is your house ready? Making sure your home is equipped to take on the summer weather is an important part of home maintenance and preserving your lifetime investment. Not to mention, it makes things more aesthetically pleasing, and ensures you have everything looking perfect and pristine for your summer of outside entertaining!

Wash Your House

Not only should you plan to wash your house from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a longevity perspective. Maintaining a clean house is important to prevent the build-up of mould, dirt and dust, all of which can wear down your house materials and reduce their lifespan. In addition, dirt and dust offer a more appealing space for bugs to hide or live, and many of these bugs, can be detrimental to your housing materials (not to mention quite unappealing to find). Consider various house washing options to take care of bugs, dirt and dust, while at the same time helping to improve the longevity of your home.

Get a Pressure Cleaning

One of the important components of house washing is getting your house pressure cleaned. The start of summer is a great time to do this and allows you to protect your house from sun damage, as well as eliminate all the debris from the previous seasons. MaintainX offers pressure cleaning services to clean the entirety of your home exterior including windows, decking, fascia and siding, and have been serving our customers with this option for over 20 years.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Your gutters are important to help ensure proper ventilation around your house as well as to prevent the pooling of water and promote proper drainage, reducing the risk of leaks and mould growth both outside and inside your house. You should plan to clean out your gutters seasonally to remove debris, eliminate any clogs, and to check and make sure all aspects are properly functioning. As we head into summer, it is also important to have clean gutters to reduce your fire risk: dry leaves, branches and foliage could easily catch alight, especially an issue if your house has trees hanging overhead, or you are surrounded by a treed heavy area. Arrange with MaintainX to have your gutters cleaned and inspected, to prevent risk of fire and ensure you don’t end up with any leaks or floods to your house and property.

Eliminate Pests

Warm summer nights, and the abundance of light during the day make it the perfect time for many animals and insects to breed and grow, while your house offers the perfect location! Start the summer off by making sure that you do a check around your house and property for any critters that may have taken up residence. Check in nooks and crannies such as in the corners near your downpipes, under your decking, and behind doors. Consider a spider treatment to keep your home free from these unwanted visitors. We will do a complete cleaning of your house and windows to remove spiders and spider webs, as well as clean out areas prone to spider infestations. Afterwards, we will apply a solution to prevent future infestations for up to two years.

Prepare your house now for the rest of the summer ahead and avoid any unwanted problems later in the season.

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MaintainX: Your Home Building Maintenance Specialist for Jobs of Any Size

MaintainX_ Your Home Building Maintenance Specialist for Jobs of Any Size


What do window washing, graffiti removal, and line marking all have in common? They are three of the many jobs that MaintainX offers to our customers in the Newcastle area. It may sound like an unusual mix of services, but we want to offer you a reliable company that can meet all your building cleaning and maintenance needs in one stop. Whether you are a business, looking for commercial services, or a small house looking for residential services, we’ve got you covered. We are a dedicated team of professionals, with a passion for what we do, and with over 20 years of experience, there is no job too big or too small.

Paint Removal

If one of your goals for 2018 is to finally tackle your decking renovation, you no doubt will be dealing with painting: choosing colors, selecting the right paint type, and then completing the paint job. Save yourself the headache of removing the old paint and call in the MaintainX professionals. We offer paint removal services on brick, stone, glass, aluminum, timber and concrete, and have established techniques to remove paint without damaging the underlying material.

Home Makeover

While you are re-doing your decking, you might as well go all in and take care of your other home makeover projects. Sound like too much to take on? We’re here to help. We love sending our professionals out to help with your home maintenance. We can complete a full house restoration regime, which is catered to your needs and the needs of your property, including everything from gutter cleaning and house washing to spider removal and pressure cleaning. Simply chat with one of our friendly staff to let us know what you need and we’ll set up a time and program that is best for you.

Pressure Cleaning

You may be in the market for a complete home overhaul, or you may only need our pressure cleaning services to keep your fancy new decking clean after you have completed your job! Our pressure cleaning services are available for both residential and commercial customers and we can clean most surfaces, leaving them free of dirt, dust, and debris. We cater the cleaning service to your particular structure and use different techniques as necessary to make sure we leave your surface clean with no damage in the process.

House Washing

If you think you may need more than just a pressure wash to get your house back to clean and shiny, our house washing service may be just the solution you are after. As part of this package, we will wash your windows, clean your gutters, remove spiders, as well as complete pressure washing services as necessary to areas such as your decking, footpaths, and pergola. It’s an all-inclusive package deal that is catered to your property and is the perfect solution to restoring your house back to pristine condition.

Graffiti Removal

Part of being able to maintain the pristine condition of your home or business in Newcastle is making sure you remove any graffiti. While unfortunate if it happens, we try to make the task as simple as possible for you, and our years of experience means we know how to do just that. We started with graffiti removal over 20 years ago, and since then, have perfected our methods for removing graffiti of several types from several types of surfaces.

A Newcastle staple for over two decades, MaintainX is a dedicated and committed company that is here to tackle all your commercial and residential maintenance jobs with our reliable and friendly staff. Give us a call today to organise your job!

5 House Washing Mistakes Homeowners Need to Avoid

5 House Washing Mistakes Homeowners Need to Avoid


Is your house looking a little rundown? If your home can use an exterior makeover, you’re probably thinking about renting or borrowing your friend’s pressure washer to give it a good clean.

How difficult could it be, you think to yourself. With a little house washing, your home will be free of mould, grime, and stubborn dirt.

You’re right—it will certainly make your home look like new again. Unfortunately, though, using a pressure washer to clean the outside of the home isn’t as easy as it may seem. In fact, without proper training and knowledge, you could end up making mistakes that will require expensive repairs.

Not convinced? Here are the most common house washing mistakes homeowners make—and you should avoid.

Using the Wrong Equipment

If you want to perform a professional job on your home, you’re going to need a professional-grade pressure washer. Those found in home improvement stores are often too ineffective for such a big job.

Not sure if the pressure washer you want to use is up to the task? Check its output, which should be over four gallons of water per minute. Any lower than this and the pressure washer simply won’t be able to get rid of the tough grime buildup and stubborn stains you’re looking to clean up.


If you’re using a low-grade pressure washer and it doesn’t get rid of the mould and dirt effectively, your first instinct may be to keep spraying water on the same spot for a long period of time, thinking that will work. Unfortunately, doing so can cause significant damage, which will require repairs afterward.

Using Too Much Pressure

You may think the more power, the better when pressure cleaning. You might get too close to spray a particularly dirty area or you might use too much pressure on more sensitive materials, such as wood, masonry, or brick. Extremely high water pressure can cause damage by blasting away pieces of your house, so this mistake is best avoided.

Using the Wrong Solution

Did you know you could make your mould problem worse? If you’re not using the right water-to-cleaner ratio, this can occur. If you add too much water to the mix, not only will you reduce its cleaning ability, but you could also end up spreading mould spores rather than removing them.

In addition, the landscaping around your home can actually be harmed by power washing if you use the wrong cleaning products. Some cleaners, once dried on leaves and plants, can burn the foliage and leave brown or white patches.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Technique for House Washing

By and large, the most common mistake homeowners make is using the wrong cleaning technique. If you want an even clean—and to preserve the surfaces you’re cleaning—you need a very specific sweeping action.

As you can see, DIY power washing can be a challenge. If you’re not careful, you could end up making some of these critical and costly mistakes. You may cause damage, spread mould, or be ineffective in cleaning the surfaces.

That’s why it’s best to hire experienced exterior cleaning experts with the professional-grade equipment, the correct cleaning solutions, and the proper cleaning techniques to get the job done right.

These professionals deal with power washing for residential homes in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, area on a daily basis. They know the small details most homeowners do not. They will ensure your home is clean in no time and you won’t have to risk causing damage. You’ll be able to save yourself money, headaches, and frustration.

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Mould Removal Newcastle: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Mould Removal Newcastle: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody wants mould in their house. It’s a dangerous health hazard that can trigger asthma and allergies.

Mould Removal Newcastle_ 7 Mistakes to Avoid


Rain, warm temperatures, and high humidity, which Australians know all too well, create the perfect conditions for mould to grow and spread.

If you’ve noticed mould growing in or on your home, it’s best to remove it right away. However, it’s important to know there are right ways and wrong ways to get rid of it.

Before you tackle mould removal in Newcastle, learn about which mistakes you should avoid. Attempting to remove it without knowing the proper protocols can actually worsen the problem and cause additional health hazards to you and your family.

  1. Only Eliminating the Mould You Can See

Of course, if you see mould, you should kill it, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more spreading in places you can’t see. Only treating the outside of walls or the top of your roof is a temporary measure that won’t really solve the issue.

It’s important to conduct a thorough inspection before beginning the clean-up process.

  1. Not Wearing Protective Gear

You want to get rid of mould in your Newcastle home because it’s a health hazard. Because of the risks involved, you shouldn’t clean up without wearing the proper protective gear. During the clean-up process, you could make the spores go airborne, which you may then inhale.

  1. Cleaning Porous Items

Mould on porous items, such as wood, carpets, and curtains cannot be effectively removed. The mould will seep into the material’s pores. When it comes to these types of items, it’s best to throw them out and replace them. Otherwise, the problems will persist. The water in the cleaning solution you use will simply be absorbed in the material, which will exacerbate the problem and help the mould grow.

  1. Using Bleach

Many homeowners believe bleach effectively kills mould, but this is a myth. It won’t work—the mould will simply come back in three to four months. When you use bleach, the mould will turn white or clear, but it won’t be killed. It will continue to grow.

And, at the same time, you risk inhaling airborne mould spores as well as bleach fumes.

What should you use instead? Borax, a laundry product, is actually the best mould cleaner. Mix it with hot water and use the mixture on the affected area. Scrub and wipe dry.

  1. Using Mould-Resistant Paint

Simply painting over the affected area with mould-resistant paint seems to be an easy solution. However, it’s no solution at all. The mould won’t be eradicated—it will continue to spread under the layer of paint.

  1. Not Containing the Area

Mould removal in your Newcastle home can be a tricky task. Mould spores, after all, are small and can spread quite easily. During the clean-up process, you could end up making the mould spread to other areas of your home through cross-contamination.

That’s why it’s so important to set up the proper containment of the area before you start. You want to solve the problem, not make it worse.

  1. Trying to Fix the Problem on Your Own

All of these problems can occur if you’re attempting to fix the issue on your own without the proper knowledge and experience. Often, it’s best to seek out the help of professionals.

They will inspect your home, use the right cleaners and protective gear, set up effective containment, and dispose of materials correctly to ensure the mould does not spread. If you’re dealing with a minor issue on a non-porous surface, it’s possible to do it yourself, but the problem may be worse than you realize. A reputable cleaning company can ensure your problem is gone—for good.

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