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Commercial Graffiti Removal

Newcastle Graffiti Removal Services for Commercial Properties

Maintain X specialise in vandalism and graffiti removal services for commercial properties in the wider Newcastle area. Our team of professional and experienced tradesmen have been removing unwanted graffiti from brick, glass, aluminium and timber surfaces since 1994 – while our company has expanded during that time to include a range of different building maintenance services, repairing vandalism has remained our core offering.

Commercial properties are often targeted more heavily by vandals or graffiti. At Maintain X we offer an emergency service so that if you’ve suffered vandalism and need something removed quickly (especially relevant if the graffiti is explicit) you can call us on Array. Our 24/7 emergency service is also ideal for businesses who want the removal to take place outside of standard business hours to reduce any disruption to their business and customers.

Commercial Graffiti Removal:

Our team can remove graffiti and vandalism from just about any surface including:

  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Timber

We can also work with a variety of different paints and inks including lead-based paint, spray paint, pen, pencil and markers. In addition to removing paint and graffiti we also remove chewing gum, grease or grime.

Anti-Graffiti Coating for Commercial Properties:

As commercial properties are generally targeted more heavily by vandals, you may wish to consider an anti-graffiti coating for your walls, gates, fences and other surfaces. We have two different strengths available for our anti-graffiti coatings – a ‘sacrificial’ coating which is designed to make removing graffiti easier and is ideal for sensitive surfaces such as sandstone. Our ‘permanent’ coating is generally applied to properties that are under constant attack of graffiti vandals and are available in gloss, matte or tinted finishes. They come with wipe-clean features.

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