Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Newcastle Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti removal methods in Newcastle have changed over the years. We know this because it was the industry we started out in, back in 1994. Graffiti vandalism is a huge problem in Newcastle and it costs the NSW community tens of millions of dollars each year. As a result, we’ve removed ALOT of nasty looking paint jobs and profanity from homes and businesses for over 20 years.

Most Newcastle and the Hunter Valley real estate agents and strata managers use us for graffiti removal services. We’ve been removing graffiti in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, the Upper Hunter and Sydney for over 25 years. Hence why we’re well-known for our innovative techniques. In other words, we’ve perfected our methods for pretty much every surface! There’s been one or two surfaces in those 25 years which refuses to be cleaned, but we rarely come across surfaces that can’t be cleaned (by us!)

We’ve worked at over 1000 schools in NSW and over 50 councils in NSW.

As a result of these vandals; brick, glass, aluminium, timber and most other surface materials are a target. Regardless, we’ll be able to get it back to “as new” condition; nobody will know it was even there! Do you need pencil, texta or spray paint removed? Do you not have any idea what was used for the graffiti? Let us identify it for you. Above all, your property will be restored to what it was, previous to the graffiti. In addition to the graffiti removal, we’ll also clean any debris and fix any damage left behind by the vandals.

Graffiti Removal and Prevention Services include:

  • Aerosol Paint Removal and Cleaning
  • Chewing Gum Removal and Cleaning
  • Crayon Removal and Cleaning
  • Grease & Grime Removal and Cleaning
  • Permanent Marker and White Out Removal and Cleaning
  • Anti-Graffiti Coating Services
  • Graffiti Patrols, Monitoring and on the spot removal

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Anti- Graffiti Coating Services

Similarly, MaintainX also provide an anti-graffiti coating service. An ideal solution for any property that is continuously targeted by vandals. The coatings are available in a several forms and can be clear, coloured, permanent or sacrificial. Sacrificial coatings are a method of corrosion control applied to sensitive surfaces like sandstone. They are designed to make the removal of graffiti easier and Newcastle has ALOT of sandstone!

Before and Afters:

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