How to Prepare your Home’s Exterior for Summer

How to Prepare your Home’s Exterior for Summer


With the longer days, bright sunshine, and steaming hot afternoons luring the kids into the pool, it’s pretty clear that summer has finally arrived to Newcastle! And while you might be ready (and have been for a while!), is your house ready? Making sure your home is equipped to take on the summer weather is an important part of home maintenance and preserving your lifetime investment. Not to mention, it makes things more aesthetically pleasing, and ensures you have everything looking perfect and pristine for your summer of outside entertaining!

Wash Your House

Not only should you plan to wash your house from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a longevity perspective. Maintaining a clean house is important to prevent the build-up of mould, dirt and dust, all of which can wear down your house materials and reduce their lifespan. In addition, dirt and dust offer a more appealing space for bugs to hide or live, and many of these bugs, can be detrimental to your housing materials (not to mention quite unappealing to find). Consider various house washing options to take care of bugs, dirt and dust, while at the same time helping to improve the longevity of your home.

Get a Pressure Cleaning

One of the important components of house washing is getting your house pressure cleaned. The start of summer is a great time to do this and allows you to protect your house from sun damage, as well as eliminate all the debris from the previous seasons. MaintainX offers pressure cleaning services to clean the entirety of your home exterior including windows, decking, fascia and siding, and have been serving our customers with this option for over 20 years.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Your gutters are important to help ensure proper ventilation around your house as well as to prevent the pooling of water and promote proper drainage, reducing the risk of leaks and mould growth both outside and inside your house. You should plan to clean out your gutters seasonally to remove debris, eliminate any clogs, and to check and make sure all aspects are properly functioning. As we head into summer, it is also important to have clean gutters to reduce your fire risk: dry leaves, branches and foliage could easily catch alight, especially an issue if your house has trees hanging overhead, or you are surrounded by a treed heavy area. Arrange with MaintainX to have your gutters cleaned and inspected, to prevent risk of fire and ensure you don’t end up with any leaks or floods to your house and property.

Eliminate Pests

Warm summer nights, and the abundance of light during the day make it the perfect time for many animals and insects to breed and grow, while your house offers the perfect location! Start the summer off by making sure that you do a check around your house and property for any critters that may have taken up residence. Check in nooks and crannies such as in the corners near your downpipes, under your decking, and behind doors. Consider a spider treatment to keep your home free from these unwanted visitors. We will do a complete cleaning of your house and windows to remove spiders and spider webs, as well as clean out areas prone to spider infestations. Afterwards, we will apply a solution to prevent future infestations for up to two years.

Prepare your house now for the rest of the summer ahead and avoid any unwanted problems later in the season.

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