Professional Carpark Line Marking In Newcastle

Kooragang Island Newcastle Line Marking


We provide professional-grade line marking for businesses who want to impress their customers and improve safety inside their parking areas and warehouses. From one business to another, we understand the importance of having safe and clear line markings for your customers and staff. Line markings are vital in ensuring the welfare of your customers and clients in parking lots, as well as ensuring a professional image, and as such, we take extreme caution and care when laying down markings.

In addition to laying down lines in accordance to a plan, we can also recommend parking lot designs and layouts to suit the needs of different customers, in addition to organising someone to seal the surface after the lines have been laid. Furthermore, if you think your current design is starting to fade, we can swing by and refresh your lot, making it visible once again. If you’re in need of a new parking lot design or simply need someone to trace over an old layout, be it on concrete, gravel or grass, give us a call.

Line Marking Options

There’s more to a parking lot than lines and arrows; we can incorporate all kinds of text and signs into your design to guide customers and maximise safety. As well as the standard line markings, we provide the following options for any businesses utilising our line marking services:

  • Caution / Hazard strips
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Disabled / Pram spots
  • Reserved spots
  • Speed limits
  • Any other lettering
  • Different coloured markings
  • Arrows